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The Eddy-Davis-Special

The Eddy-Davis-Special

eddy_davisminiI first met Mr. Eddy Ray Davis at the Duisburg International Jazz Banjo Festival 2003, organized by Mr. Dr. Joachim Hafkesbrink. He was headlining that night at the main concert. I invited him up to my room to check out my newest creation - "The Italian Renaissance Banjo", an 11 ½ B&D style custom tenor banjo. He spent one hour testing it, and after that he said:"This is my banjo!". It corresponded exactly to his idea of how his banjo should ring and respond. So he finally ordered a banjo - the "Eddy-Davis-Special".
This banjo features an 11 ½ '' six ply maple rim with ebony lamination inside and out plus solid ebony rim capping and rosewood trim. The extra deep bass response and eternal ring is caused by the no-hole 11 ½'' B&D tonering plus my custom modifications. The neck is made of highly flamed curly maple with an ebony fingerboard and solid ebony backstrap plus laminations. It is attached to the rim by my genuine screw-in-dowel-stick-system. The peghead features a lovely relaxed girl, delicately inlayed in a crescent moon. Like the rest of all the position markers it is handcut out of select colour Mother of Pearl.

The banjo is outfitted with a Remo Renaissance head and a Farquar 5/8'' three legged bridge.

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