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The Mastervox

The Mastervox            

masterfox_miniThis type banjo is modelled on the old Vega Vox instruments of the 1920's and ´30's. Eddie Peabody is still one of my very favourite artists who played this type and I tried to capture his sound with my Mastervox models.
I created a very delicate flange plate design with slightly larger flange holes for a quicker sound response and better musical separation.
The customer can choose between either a solid wood resonator back or a veneered laminated one. The solid back is very nice for solo playing and has a woody, sustaining and sweet tone. The laminated version has more volume and projecting power which would be the right choice for a jazz band player who contends with with lots of brass instruments in the front row! This banjo is truly made in the original top tension style with cast brass shoes and bolts. The Oettinger tailpiece is standard on this model.
The customer can choose between either an 11'' Tu-ba-phone tone ring or a cast bell bronze flathead tone ring custom made by Mr. Steve Huber from Nashville TN. USA.

Please listen to Mr. Sean Moyses playing his Mastervox banjo with the Rod Mason Band in this site's ''Player's List ''. Enjoy !!

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