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Ken Aoki

The Pietsch Mastervox is the highest quality banjo I have played. On stage, in recording studios, it always sounds great ! Both its precise pitches and balanced tone are necessary for my performance and music. I can say that it has more function of the musical instrument than the Vegavox, which is the basis of the Maservox.

My Mastervox has a little oriental and beautiful art deco figures which I love. The most famous banjo collector in Japan, Akira Tsumura, praises its artistic beauty.

The Farquhar Cherrywood 2-leg 5/8 inch bridge is well suited to my Mastervox, so that it sounds like my favorite pre-war Vegavox. By preference, clafskin head can be put on the Mastervox....

ken_aoki_swThe Mastervox sounds loud and powerful because of the Huber tone ring. The Gibson Mastertone banjo has the tone ring and provides much more powerful sound than the Vegavox. The Mastervox is an outstanding Vegavox!

As the Pietsch banjo is built very well and precisely, the parts of Mastervox would not be badly distorted by weather. I think that the Mastervox has every possibility of making various sound through adjusting head tension, selecting bridges, and picking techniques.



If you want to get an excellent, useful, and powerful banjo, you should choose the Pietsch Mastervox !

Hear  Rondo I played on Pietsch banjo 

Hear Stars & Stripes I played on Pietsch banjo

Japanese 4-string banjoist

Ken Aoki

49-15 aota Nagareyama city Chiba 2700112 JAPAN

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