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If  you live outside Europe you get the banjo for a net price but  you will have to pay your countries' import duty. Payment is done via bank transfer using IBAN and BIC codes so it is safe for us both.

Once again I take the old Vega design and create my own slant on this classic banjo. The rim is 11", opposed to the smaller Vega head of 10 15/16", so it takes a standard modern head with no problems. The scale is also shorter, 26.25" opposed to the Vega 27". This makes playing in the first frets much less of a stretch and far more comfortable. My unique flange design enables much more air movement than the small Vega sound holes and this makes for a quicker sound response and more volume. The resonator is a little deeper, as is the rim, so it has as much volume and
tone as possible. I offer options of tone-ring:- The Huber special light weight flathead bronze sort or the traditional Tubaphone. The Huber is a winner and is much sought after. Leading players such as Ken Aoki and Sean Moyses prefer the Huber although the Tubaphone offers an equally pretty, somewhat lighter sound similar to the old Eddie Peabody banjo, who inspired this design. I fit Farqhuar bridges as standard to my banjos as these represent the very best available. Tenor versions of the MasterVox sound best with 19 frets plus the Huber tonering.Prices start from Euro3750 including case.

Taking the B&D design to the limit and then adding my own ideas, this is a special instrument indeed. It is 100% custom (and not available anywhere else in the world!) with an 11 1/2 head and a full 14" resonator. Dale Small, the late master banjo luthier lead the way in developing this size of banjo and I've been handed his mantel. I fit a special Oettinger style tailpiece that I custom manufacture which is 1/2" longer than usual to bring the right amount of down pressure to the bridge. This model has a huge sound and volume and is the prefered instrument of Stephen DiBonaventura, the virtuoso tenor banjoist from the USA.
Prices start from Euro4500 including case.

My Ne Plus Ultra design picks up where the great B&D company of the 1920's left off. It has, for example, instead of a rolled brass insert under the tone-ring, a specially machined square sectioned insert which I feel adds more mass and lends a punchier tone to the banjo, especially above the 12th fret. I make the rim a little deeper too, so the distance between the bottom of the rim and the resonator is smaller than then old B&D design.
This adds more definition to the sound. This banjo is avaibale in tenor or plectrum. Modern synthetic glues and lacquers gives my banjos resilience and stabilty the vintage ones simply cannot offer, espescially in European climates.
Prices start from Euro3500 including case.

Yes, I build tenor, plectrum and five-string banjos.I personally play five-string and know what makes a good banjo.

Well, they will sound the same for sure but the ornamentation will be something unique to you.

Depending on what I have to build, the banjo can take between 7-9 months to build. I do all the work myself and I work to the highest standards so please keep cool - and be patient, I cannot rush a banjo.

My price range varies from the style of banjo and the amount of ornamentation you wish me to do.
The "Ne Plus Ultra" series is my B&D style banjo..They start from Euro3500.
The "MasterVox" series is my Vegavox style banjo. Prices start from  Euro3750.
The "MasterBell" series is an 11 1/2" head B&D style banjo, all custom. Prices from Euro4500.
These prices include TAX and a case. All instruments are payable in Euro, so please check the exchange rate.

I have absolute confidence that you will love the banjo, but I maintain that I want my customers to be happy with the banjo and I'll do all I can to achieve that. Please be sure you have asked all questions before ordering your banjo, I invest hundreds of precious hours into each instrument.

Once you have decided which style of banjo you would like you will enter my waiting list. I do not require a downpayment, you will be asked to pay for the banjo once it is finished.





B&D スタイルバンジョー、The Ne Plus Ultra シリーズの価格は、3,500ユーロからになります。ここからどのような装飾を付け足したいかにより値段が変わっていきます。Vegavox スタイルバンジョー、The MasterVox シリーズの価格は、3,750ユーロからになります。(装飾別途料金)

11 1/2 ヘッドのB&Dスタイルバンジョー、The MasterBell シリーズの価格は、4,500ユーロからになります。(装飾別途料金)

ヨーロッパ連合国以外に居住して いる方は、ドイツ国内での税金の支払いは不要ですが、(例えば日本からのオーダーでしたら)日本国内で課税される輸入税を支払う義務があります。料金のお 支払いは安全面を考慮して、銀行振り込みのみでお願いしております。その際、国際銀行振り込みに必要な IBAN と BIC コードが必要です。最寄の 銀行にお問い合わせ下さい。

どのようなバンジョーをオーダー されるかにより異なりますが、完成まではたいてい7ヶ月から9ヶ月かかります。最初から完成まで全て自分ひとりで作り上げますし、お客様に最高水準の仕事 をお約束します。良いバンジョーを急いで完成する事はできません。リラックスして根気強くお待ち下さるようお願いします!

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